Free website consultaion

Sometimes you need a little guidance when it comes to planning your businesses online strategy, you need some one to explain your online options and show you how your website can work to enhance your business online.

I offer a completely free website consultation service for businesses in and around Liverpool and I can do this over the phone with you or I can come out to meet you and we can have a coffee and go through exactly what you are looking for in your website in a nice relaxed manner. This will give you the opportunity to tell me what you are trying to achieve and we can discuss your market, and how you are planning to attract your customers, I would normally ask you to tell me about any competitors you have and we would discuss how you can best compete to increase your market share.

Usually we will cover the following topics in our consultation :

Your Website Objective

Now most websites have one main objective which is to ” Make you Money ” but what we will look at is how you want to achieve your objective, will your website be taking money online or will the website be to entice customers to contact you.

Your Websites Design

Your website needs to look right, it needs to grab your customers attention and designed to reflect a combination of your business and your target customer in a way that they will be confident in doing business with you. I will always guide you through the style and design of your website and show you best practices and design principles that are tried and tested to work but you will always have the final say on how your website will look and feel.

Website Marketing Strategy

Its all well and good having a great website that looks good and does everything you want but  its no good if its only you that is looking at it. Marketing can literally be done on any budget and there is a lot to you can do through social media to market you website and business and increase your customer base. We will go through your marketing options and if you require online marketing I will come up with a marketing plan to meet your budget.


So to get your free website consultation just get in touch and we can look at how to take your business online.