building websites for companies in liverpool

So we have had our initial consultation and have agreed the initial design, now comes the magic.

I will begin to build your website on one of my servers and you will be able to see it live as it progresses giving me feedback along the way. Doing things this way gives you time to have a valid input into the end result, you will be able to ask for changes and we can iron out any issues so that when your website goes live its exactly how you want it.

Being able to see your website live as its built also gives you and your staff plenty of opportunity to discuss the site and have internal meetings to discuss the progress and have a realtime input in the finished website, this way when your site is launched all your staff will be aware of it and more engaged.

And once your website is launched I wont just leave it there, I will allow plenty of time for adjusting it and tailoring parts of the site.